Workshop Facilitation

It is a well known fact... you cannot participate and facilitate and expect a quality outcome.

Expert facilitation enables the participants to discuss, explore and be appropriately challenged. It’s about stimulating the debate and encouraging informed conclusions. Our approach helps leadership teams to reach their target destination, more effectively... without being too intrusive.

"Disciplined people, disciplined thoughts, disciplined action"
(source: Jim Collins)

Workshop Facilitation

How often does a leadership team take the time to lift their eyes from the day job to explore the real game changers for their business? When they do, it is important to make it count!

A workshop may be driven by the appointment of a new CEO, head of function or the desire of the existing leadership team to refresh strategy, change the operating model, save cost or to drive a cultural transformation.

With our advice and tools, leaders can work back from what good looks and plan a successful change journey from today.

Research has demonstrated a sponsor cannot fully participate at the same time as facilitating and it can be particularly challenging for newly appointed leaders needing to make their mark against a backdrop of ‘hidden agendas’.

Effective and skilled facilitation enables relevant and productive debate, with a purpose and within a framework. In a creative and motivating environment it help participants to shape their vision and translate strategy into execution. It can make the single biggest difference to achieving a successful outcome.

The credibility and experience of the facilitator enables you to design and deliver a 'game-changing' intervention, measured by: the alignment and engagement of participants, the quality and value of the outputs, the reduction of risk and the optimisation of your opportunities.

By comparison with the 'prize' for getting this right, the investment is fairly modest.

Baxter Neumann design and facilitate strategy workshops from 6 to 12 colleagues up to a conference of several hundred people at locations in the UK and EMEA.

Baxter Neumann deliver shared buy-in to a successful event and confidence to achieve the desired outcome.

Baxter Neumann were engaged to design and facilitate our global HR Leadership team conference. It was simply the best workshop we have ever had. BN are professional and credible. They have the right tools, techniques and business insight. Gerry built great relationships with the HR leadership team.

Vanessa Cruwys, ICAP Global Head of HR

Baxter Neumann Workshop Clients