About Us

Baxter Neumann has established a reputation in the industry as a leadership consultancy, with proven expertise in:

Executive Search, Leadership Assessment & Development, Coaching & Mentoring. Our 'top team' facilitation work, has supported Chairmen, CEOs, Function Leaders and their teams to plan and optimise their strategy workshops and execute their change programmes.

Why do Clients choose
Baxter Neumann?

Three reasons: people, approach and delivery. Clients want credibility, innovation and predictable outcomes.

Clients choose Baxter Neumann because we 'think' and 'do'; a trusted partner to help them become, even more successful.

In Executive Search we represent your brand in the market. In Leadership Assessment you rely on our judgment. We coach and develop your talent, we design and facilitate the leadership workshops that will shape your vision and inform your change plan.

Leadership Capital. Connected.
Why Baxter Neumann?