Leadership Assessment

Baxter Neumann are experts in delivering leadership capability assessments. We have delivered more than 1000 evaluations, in the UK and internationally; for Board level succession, executive selection and developmental purposes. 92% of Participants have indicated our approach was positively differentiated, challenging, motivational and one they would recommend to a colleague. Clients highlight the quality and relevance of our Reports; the willingness to express judgment and particularly, the credibility of our consulting team.

Why invest in assessment ?

We provide hard-edged business judgement on the capability potential and predictive performance of your human capital. Baxter Neumann can provide independent evidence for a single executive, a specific function or an entire senior management team, to enable you to make informed, strategically aligned decisions.

In many businesses, 60% or more of your Operating costs are 'people' related. An effective Leader (often referred to as an 'A Player') can be up to four times 'better' than their colleagues in terms of productivity and efficiency. Simply speaking, they make things happen, they deliver tangible results and successful project outcomes. 'A Players are more strategic and commercial; they inspire colleagues, innovate and enhance organisational agility. Above all they set the standards for high performance.

We have proven capability in helping people 'be the best that they can be'. In large part this is attributable to our team: their experience and ability to work in true partnership with our clients. Every Baxter Neumann Partner or Associate Partner has worked at executive and Board level in consultancy industry, or the public sector prior to joining our firm. They understand the challenges of modern management and have many years of experience, leading and inspiring people at all levels and across all functional disciplines. Few, if any of our competitors can claim to offer this level of experience and insight No other firm offers an integrated leadership capability solution of this type. Our assessments are innovative and proven to be relevant in identifying effective leadership.

The benefits of assessment

Typical scenarios where clients find our assessments to be a valuable tool

To De-Risk Selection Decisions
In business, our most critical investment is in the people we hire. All the technology and processes in the world cannot eliminate the need for inspirational leaders to create a vision and to articulate and execute a strategy to get there. Board and executive level appointments can be high risk investments for any organization. Making the wrong decision, can be catastrophic both for the organisation and the appointed hire.

Smart organisations are now de-risking the process by using independent assessors to review candidates who can provide candid feedback on their suitability, prior to final interview/offer. This provides an extra level of assurance to the hiring firm and validates that the appropriate due diligence has been completed.

To Assess Leadership Bench Strength
Do you really know the strength of your top team or key individuals compared to similar organisations? Do you have a clear view of the relative strengths and weaknesses of each individual and how this influences overall performance in a team environment? An increasing number of forward thinking CEO’s and HR Directors are investing in top team assessments to ensure that they have the very best talent delivering performance where it matters most. Even the most senior colleagues in an organisation can benefit from greater self-awareness and constructive but critical feedback on their performance.

Our Executive Assessments are designed to be challenging, motivational and highly effective in increasing the performance of top teams. Baxter Neumann can customise elements to align to your Leadership competencies and preferences. We can build on and the leadership work you have completed and align to your future initiatives. All of our executive assessments can be supported by tailored coaching programmes to support the onward development of each participant.

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Helping clients determine leadership capability is what we do. Baxter Neumann provide independent assessment of external candidates as well as internal capability and potential succession… working in partnership with clients to find, keep and grow talented leaders.

Selecting the right assessment or development partner

Sophisticated businesses recognise the need to undertake leadership capability reviews, management audits and due diligence, as part of their governance process. It has long been recognised that an independent review is potentially more forensic and credible. Having an external perspective and benchmarked capability is something that an internal review alone cannot provide.

94% of participants rated the BN approach as the best Leadership programme they had experienced

Ultimately, it’s all about the experience and judgement of the assessment team. For this process to be successful, the external assessors need to be credible with those colleagues participating in the evaluation. According to client feedback, a key differentiator for the BN team is our ability to place the assessment process in a business/commercial context which is relevant to participants.

We are skilled in expressing judgements and presenting insights in simple and compelling language that every member of the executive/board (as well as the participants) will understand.

This is important, both to ensure successful feedback to the individual and for stakeholder/board briefings on the outcome of the process.

Our reports and presentations are customised to reflect their preferences, specific needs and house style. Apart from the solution content, strong project management and stakeholder communications are essential to ensure a successful outcome. Our capability and track record is first class in these areas.

Additional differentiators include:

TECHNIQUES: Leveraging the latest research and technology, based on best practise, data, analytics and above all, sound judgement.

EXPERT PROJECT MANAGEMENT, integration and collaboration with the client team to minimise potential disruptions and eliminate time and cost overruns.

SCALABILITY AND CUSTOMISATION: The solution can cover an individual assessment, a team or function, or an entire leadership population. (Multi-site, multi-country involving target populations of several hundred in Sales & Marketing, Programme & Project Management, IT, HR, Finance, Risk, Legal et al.)

What are we measuring?

According to McKinsey's Global Research Study (2016) there are 20 primary leadership behaviours which determine 'effective leadership'. 89% of leadership effectiveness is attributable to 4 behaviours:

  • Results Orientation
  • Problem Solving
  • Being Supportive
  • Seeking Different Perspectives

When Baxter Neumann conduct a detailed leadership capability review, for development, succession or selection purposes, we use the the most valid and credible tools in the market, including: the WAVE, Ability Testing, Hogan and 360 Feedback. Innovative evaluation techniques are supported by commercial insight and informed business judgment. This approach has been tested in literally hundreds of assessments at executive and Board level. In predicting performance, this approach works for single assessments, teams or for large scale capability reviews of several hundred colleagues.