Executive Coaching and Mentoring

How do you measure the success of coaching or mentoring? The word 'coach' is frequently overused and abused. 
Before appointing a coach or mentor, qualify and reflect on... their credibility and track record.

Ask yourself: "Do I trust this 'coach to help improve my performance; my influencing skills, personal impact and the perception of my personal brand?"

Leadership Coaching

Coaching & Mentoring

What do successful Business Leaders, Sport Stars, Presidents and Prime Ministers have in common?

A trusted Advisor, Mentor or Coach.

The challenge... finding one!

Leadership Coaching

Clients can select from more than 35 experienced Coaches, a colleague with specific industry sector experience or a relevant functional background (in Finance, HR, ITC, Sales & Marketing et al). We have multi-lingual capability and most have accreditations in coaching and relevant leadership level psychometric evaluation. Clients can ‘see’ and qualify a potential coach or mentor beforehand to assess ‘fit’.

Baxter Neumann can offer clients ‘121’ coaching or individual mentoring support. Alternatively, we have the capacity and experience to support larger scale leadership or transformational programmes, to scale up, and enable clients to use this intervention as a high performance cultural enabler or to achieve leadership alignment across the entire business, a division or function. Utilising coaching in this way can significantly increase the probability of success in the client’s change journey, a post M&A integration, or a strategic review. For a new CEO, CFO, HRD or Functional Leader appointment, team coaching can facilitate greater cohesion, faster and more effectively. In our experience, having led ‘Big 4’ firm client engagements, change that is owned internally, rather than externally managed via consultants, has more traction, far greater prospect for success, with considerably less risk and cost attached.


The Return on Investment of Executive Coaching…

  • Observable improvement in behaviours, impact, influencing
  • Measurable improvement via 360 feedback ‘before’ & ‘after'
  • Achievement of agreed objectives: on time, to plan and budget
  • Flow through improvement to Coachee’s team performance
  • Improvement in external stakeholder & customer experience

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A small team of A+ players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players.

Steve Jobs

Leadership Development

According to a 2014 survey from Deloitte, 86% of business leaders know that their organisations future depends on the effectiveness of their leadership pipelines – however a survey of 2,200 global HR leaders found that only 13% are confident in their succession plans. We work with our clients to build integrated talent roadmaps. Interventions range from: reviewing the criteria businesses are using to identify and develop leaders; building creative development options and being very disciplined about measuring success.

Most studies agree that the top performing leaders outperform the average by 40-50%. A high performing team can be around 30% more productive than an average team. Our interventions are fundamentally designed to sharpen leadership performance and therefore accelerate organisational performance.