Career Strategy Advisors

Whether the career change is enforced, voluntary or by mutual consent, we are uniquely placed to support your senior people through their career transition, helping them discover a bright new future, through our world-class Career Strategy Advisory programmes.

Finding your Route to Success

What We Do
Put simply, we work closely with business leaders during times of career transition and consolidation. So when you are parting company with an executive, we protect your reputation, your remaining colleagues and your customers, whilst supporting the departing executive towards a new future.

Likewise, we work with newly appointed executives, including internal and external appointments, helping them reach their potential in a new Exco or Board role.

Our Reputation
The nature of our work is highly confidential and whilst you may not know our name, you will know the names of the high profile organisations we work with. We can provide confidential personal references from Chairman, Chief Executives, and executives who have personally experienced our Career Advisory Services.

Talk to us about how we can support your organisation and your executives as they consolidate and transition through their career and with the help of our Career Strategy Advisors, ensure your senior team achieves even greater success.

Why Baxter Neumann?
Maybe it is our 100% success record in ensuring the people we work with succeed in their career transition. Perhaps it’s because we only appoint highly successful senior business leaders as Career Strategy Coaches and Partners in our business. Perhaps it’s our extensive international reach and in-depth understanding of the executive search market (We are one of the UKs leading boutique Headhunters).

Whatever your reasons, join the growing list of the world’s leading corporate brands and business leaders who rate Baxter Neumann as best in-class at what we do.

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Typical Scenarios for our Career Strategy Advisors

Helping you Find, Prepare and Secure your First NED

Executive NED Development Programme
Becoming a Non-Executive Director is a great way to develop the strategic capability and governance knowledge of an executive and is seen by many leading organisations as an effective development and retention tool. However, gaining that first NED appointment is always challenging and our Career Advisors work closely with executives to help them prepare for the selection process and, once appointed, for their new role and responsibilities, including balancing the need to continue to perform in their executive roles with dedicating the appropriate time to their NED responsibilities.

The Baxter Neumann Executive NED Development Programme, compliments programmes such as the highly respected FT Non-Executive Director Club (in association with EY). Clients have said that the FT programme provides a sound technical platform for a prospective NED and an opportunity to network with new and experienced NEDs.

Baxter Neumann’s coaching helps at a practical level to convert the theory and classroom wisdom into reality.

With our experience in the NED market, we will help you to access suitable opportunities, to refine your CV proposition, refresh your interview technique and rehearse your post-appointment plan. Ultimately it is about ‘standing out’; having the edge compared to other NED candidates, securing an opportunity and then performing.

Initially created to help high performing female executives to be identified, coached and supported for prospective senior executive and NED appointments, the programme has subsequently evolved. Baxter Neumann are now coaching male and female 'future leaders' and mature, long serving colleagues, who would benefit from having an external perspective to help them 'grow’ and optimise their leadership position.