Market Intelligence Mapping

There are times when Executive Search is neither the right approach or the most cost effective solution. When the real need is to assess the market position, to inform a succession plan or to gather competitor or market intelligence...

Baxter Neumann market mapping is the affordable way to be ahead of the game and your competition.

Emerging Talent

At executive level, a full Search project can typically range from £40,000 to £100,000 or more in fees and related expenses. Depending on the circumstances Market Intelligence Mapping provides a more cost effective solution. To be or remain a successful business, requires an informed view of the market; from a leadership talent perspective. The ability to identify where the best leaders are to be found gives your company a competitive advantage and enables you to know how your competitors are structured.

Discretely and confidentially, Market Intelligence Mapping provides the insight to inform your business decisions. It may prompt you to undertake a full search or equally present you with a lower cost opportunity to capitalise on recent or anticipated changes in the market. Apart from the talent element, the brief can investigate and reveal commercial, product/service and project related content.

Baxter Neumann Market Intelligence Mapping (MIM) is a powerful tool. Unlike the standard market offering, frequently limited to desk based research undertaken by relatively inexperienced people, MIM leverages our Board network and extensive Executive level contacts. The senior Baxter Neumann colleagues who undertake leadership search projects, also lead MIM projects for our clients. The approach is therefore backed by many years of experience, acquired business insight and hard edged commercial judgment. Compare this, to a list of unqualified names taken from Linked-In, with little or no added value insight in the process.

You may have specific target companies in mind. Many clients comment on our creativity and enterprise in identifying new targets or unearthing fresh insight, useful data and information.

The Baxter Neumann MIM reports are designed for the discerning reader: the CEO, business or functional leader who is seeking simple but relevant, and compelling evidence to improve their understanding and guide their decision. From a Board perspective, this is widely acknowledged as good governance and intelligent planning for succession or an anticipated colleague displacement.